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My love of activity and competition developed through the sport of Rugby Union and fed a desire to learn as much as possible about health and fitness, resulting in becoming a level 3 Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor.

I played Rugby Union from the age of 6, captained Essex at age 13, got scouted by Saracens for their academy at 15 and in the same year earned my spot in the London Divisional team, winning my first International cap for England at age 16. Following this, I played Rugby Union in the BUCS Premiership for Northumbria University.

Rugby training gave me a taste of Strength and Conditioning, training at some of the best sites in the UK with some of the leading British S&C coaches. I continue to advance my learning of fitness programming having been on both the receiving and developing sides.  As well as Rugby Union, I have played Rugby League nationally and was also selected for the Great Britain Judo talent pool for potential athletes for Olympic representation in Rio 2016. I am also a keen skier and have studied Muay-Thai for the past 9 years, recently training in Phuket, Thailand.

Training, be it for myself or for my clients, is something I thoroughly enjoy. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than when I help my clients reach their goals and achieve their desired results.

Kit Personal Trainer - KitFitness
Jordan - KiFitness


Starting a sporting journey at the age of 11, Jordan has competed at a high level in basketball and internationally for the GB Lions American Football Team. In the process of balancing studying and sport, his passion for training led him to becoming a Level 3 Personal Trainer.


Currently studying for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, as well as earning a Strength & Conditioning internship, allows Jordan to continuously build his experience and knowledge. This enables him to apply himself towards building strong foundations with correct functional movement, meeting the needs of every individual to achieve their goals.


Jordan specialises in S&C and performance training from daily life to sports specific. Welcoming any professional athlete as well as anyone who wants to better themselves, Jordan can boast applying himself 100% to his clients needs.

Jordon in Action - KitFitness
Jordan Personal Trainer - KitFitnes
Matt - KiFitness


After serving in the armed forces, Matt decided to transfer his skills into becoming a Personal Trainer. With a background in endurance as a runner and cyclist, he often spends time following outdoor pursuits such as mountaineering and climbing. Matt has an all-encompassing approach to functionality in fitness and likes to train towards a balance in all areas of health.


Young, energetic and constantly learning, Matt has developed an all-round approach to his PT career allowing him and his clients to work hard each session whilst enjoying the journey towards their overall goals.

Kit Personal Trainer - KitFitness
Matt in Action - KitFitness


Having a tremendous amount of experience working with people suffering from mental health problems, Nicole has witnessed first hand that the improvement of your physical health leads to the improvement of your mental health. Nicole has had the opportunity to see the way in which physical activity can not only help to improve moods overall, but change the way people perceive themselves. As a trainer, she feels that it is important to help individuals reach their full potential in all aspects, not just the physical side. She uses her hands-on knowledge and understanding to help individuals feel comfortable in their own bodies, and overall live a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Coming from a trampolining and gymnastics background, Nicole is able to use these skills when creating programmes to achieve specific goals, whether that be strength based, weight loss, or mobility & flexibility.



Sport and training has been part of Jerome’s life for as long as he can remember. He was just 16 when a friend of his uncle took him to a gym and he has never looked back since. He has currently taken up a MSc in Maths and Economics, training out of the UTC camp in Birmingham.


Over the years he has gathered knowledge and experience that he now wishes to pass onto others, helping them reach the version of themselves they know they can be.

Having spent time as a model for Hollister, Jerome has gathered experience of truly developing the physique but his holistic approach to health and well being means he is able to cover all aspects of your fitness requirements.



Luke is a talented and personable trainer with an affinity for helping others. A dedicated professional that truly cares for the clients, he understands how to create a fun and relaxed training environment that is pivotal in achieving positive results. With a keen eye on the wider fitness industry, Luke always tries to innovate his training methods and grow his personal experience. 


Something of a kettlebell master, Luke is constantly striving to learn new coaching techniques as well as updating his already expansive fitness knowledge. His KB work and skill is something many wish for but few achieve.


Outside of work, Luke enjoys travelling, is a massive foodie and loves participating in fitness events.  Luke truly understands the link between happiness and fitness, and will provide you with realistic and flexible systems to help you obtain a healthy lifestyle to surpass your individual fitness goals.



Sophie’s sporting journey has enabled her to be active from a very early age and in the process has made her very aware that fitness is key to a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. 


Her two main sports when she was young were basketball and netball and both were very demanding sports as she was competing at a high level. Her netball career took off at 17 years old and since then, she has received great strength and conditioning sessions which further her learning to understand different needs of people. All of her hard work paid off when she was able to represent England Netball and play against against the best teams in the world.


Sophie’s clients without a doubt will have her commitment to them, as there is no greater feeling than to watch someone change into that better person and be happy.



Alongside being a personal trainer, Andrea is a professional actress and masseuse. She prides herself on her friendly and approachable nature, striving always to get the best out of her clients.


Passionate about positive body image and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, her goal is to leave her clients feeling good inside and out!



Coming from a semi-professional basketball background, Dan wishes to bring out the inner athlete in people of all ages and fitness levels and give them an opportunity to experience the many benefits of strength and conditioning.


Dan has always enjoyed coaching, motivating and helping others reach their maximum potential. His inclusion of mindfulness into his sessions with positive self-talk, affirmations and breathing exercises can help each client or ‘athlete’ he works with to achieve high performance both physically and mentally.



Liam is a specialist in Muay-Thai training in Central and East London. As a professional fighter he has to take into account all aspects of training.


Whether you’re looking to improve your overall fitness, learn a new skill, build strength or increase your mobility, he can tailor your program based on your requirements.


Liam also offers nutritional advice so you are able to perform optimally. If you are looking for a quick fix he’s not your guy.


Liam believes in taking the right steps to make long term lifestyle changes so you can achieve a positive mind and body image.



Shakira has been a personal trainer since 2017, and her aim is to always create a one-on-one fitness programme for her clients, motivating and guiding them to achieve their goals. Whether they wish to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle or just stay fit, or even if they have an injury old or new and need some help with rehabilitation and strengthening, Shakira creates tailored workouts and specific plans to suit their needs.


With a personable approach, she aims to inspire her clients to get healthier, fitter and reach their goals. Shakira wasn't always into fitness, so she understands how hard it can be to start, but get it right and you’ll never look back.


Shakira is a huge believer of having body confidence regardless of your size, shape or background, especially for her female clients. She aims to build confidence and strength so that you feel the best you can.

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