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Working out with Kit since April 2016 has been an amazing experience. It's really changed my perception of what going to the gym can be like as I've never seen as much progress in the same period of time. Kit tailors our work to focus on my goal to slim and tone my whole body, and yet manages to ensure every session is unique. On top of that, he keeps it fun and enjoyable and so I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness.


Liz and I are not gym people and like many, have had gym membership for many years. Sadly, its never had any effect on our fitness levels for one reason, we rarely went.

About six months ago we decided for the first time, to enrol with a personal trainer. By complete good fortune we found Kit McCartney. 

We both liked his approach from the outset. He discussed our objectives and what we were prepared to commit to the “partnership” and he devised a varied programme specifically for us.

From that moment on thanks to Kit, we have surprised ourselves. We have quickly fallen into the routine of seeing him once or twice a week and the real shock has been that we both thoroughly enjoy it. 

Don’t misunderstand that its completely pleasurable - Kit is an enthusiastic dedicated PT who goes the extra mile to ensure you are working as hard as you are capable of hence we regularly ache the next day!

Importantly, he is encouraging, supportive and as serious as we are about us achieving our goals, but he’s also realistic and funny.

Above all, there is something really engaging about his character that keeps you  going back for more!


After wasting years doing cardio on machines the difference in my fitness since training with Kit for the last 5 months has been impressive. As someone who was new to weights and structured training it was pleasing to find a PT that was patient and genuinely listened to my goals, tailoring sessions to achieve them. The variety in every sessions means that each workout is enjoyable and I can really notice constant improvement in my fitness, technique and body shape.

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